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Window Cleaning

Get your commercial property sparkling with Construct Clean Solutions in Jacksonville! Our professionals offer hi-rise and low-rise window cleaning services. With us, your windows won't just look better—they'll be protected from staining and etching caused by dirt, pollution, and sprinklers. Our hi-rise window cleaning is done with rope descent systems (rappelling) or powered platforms. For low-rise and single-story buildings, we use ladders, lifts, and water-fed poles.

Warehouses, Sports Facilities, & New Construction Industrial Window Cleaning Services.

Construct Clean in Jacksonville offers commercial window cleaning services for both hi-rise and low-rise properties!


Contact Construct Clean Solutions in Jacksonville to develop the best schedule of services for your conditions and budget, so that your property sparkles with the Construct Clean Solutions difference!


Glass is porous, and Construct Clean Solutions maintenance services remove dirt and debris; help prevent staining from sprinklers; make your glass shine; and boost your property’s curb appeal. Our highly trained professionals access hi-rise buildings with rope descent systems (rappelling) or powered platforms and use ladders, lifts and water-fed poles to clean low-rise and single-story buildings – whatever your building needs.


Regular Window Cleaning Maintenance

Recommended monthly on first floor exterior and lobby interiors, and semi-annually for all windows inside and out.


Glass Stain Removal 

If you have light to moderate staining from sprinklers and dirt/pollution, you may require a more intensive cleaning process than soap and water to get your glass back in shape.


Glass Restoration 

If your windows have etching or damage from prolonged exposure to sprinklers, pollution or dirt and infrequent cleanings, you may need multiple cleanings and specialized products to restore your glass. This is expensive, but cheaper than replacement.

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