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Post Construction Cleaning

Construct Clean Solutions in St.Augustine, FL offers a variety of construction cleaning and general commercial cleaning services to help make the final steps of construction projects easy and leave a good first impression.

Warehouses, Sports Facilities, & New Construction Industrial Cleaning Services.

When it comes to the construction industry, the quality of your work is an essential component of a safe and successful project for your clients. Unfortunately, no matter how professionally crafted a project is, the mess left over from the construction process can often give an initial impression of an incomplete or unclean environment. That is where post construction cleaning services from Construct Clean Solutions in St.Augustine, FL, can make all the difference.

Our team offers an extensive range of post-construction cleaning services and general commercial cleaning services that can be tailored to meet your project’s unique needs. With Construct Clean Solutions, you can trust that all the hard work that went into creating your project won’t be in vain, as our staff can take care of the final steps of the process. We specialize in cleaning, polishing, and power washing all the necessary components of the job, including fixtures, doors and frames, windows, walls and baseboards, carpeting, tile, and more.

For projects of any size, you can always rely on Construct Clean Solutions to provide you with dependable and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. Additionally, we are also available for ongoing commercial janitorial services and hospital and medical office cleaning services. All of our staff have been specifically trained to be compliant with the exacting standards of healthcare facilities, making sure that the environment remains clean and safe for employees and patients alike.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation proposal to discuss the personalized post construction cleaning plan that we can create. 

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