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Stadium, Theater & Arena Cleaning Services


At The End of The Main Event, We're Here to Shine.

It's no surprise that people who come to your event center expect a clean, hygienic, and secure atmosphere to make the most of the event, concert, or show. Construct Clean Solutions has been providing comprehensive services to all kinds of event centers - from movie theaters and concert halls to sports stadiums - for over two decades. Our team of cleaning and disinfection specialists focuses on offering superior event center cleaning to make sure the attendees stay safe.

We strive to cater to your cleaning needs with utmost flexibility, accommodating you on the go if necessary. We employ advanced technologies so you can stay in constant communication with us and receive an immediate response when you call for an emergency clean-up.

Stadium & Arena Cleaning

Our janitorial team boasts considerable experience and skills to clean any stadium or arena of any size, backed by modern equipment. Together, we'll plan a personalized cleaning program tailored to your requirements and time constraints.

Our experts know how to use high-efficiency machines and materials to get the job done in the shortest time possible, always ensuring the cleanliness standards are met. No matter the complexity of the area - from regular seating to hidden nooks - our janitors will give the necessary attention and reach every corner.

Theater & Concert Venue Cleaning

Whether it's a grand amphitheater or a cozy concert hall, every venue has its particular needs when it comes to cleaning after a large number of guests. Construct Clean Solutions' professionals make sure all areas are deep-cleaned and disinfected. We rely on state-of-the-art methods and materials, like steam cleaning and power washing, as well as sanitation products to leave the venue completely sanitized. In addition to the general areas, we also make sure to address specific locations like seating or standing sections, lobbies, restrooms, and concession stands.

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